Devin Jones Races to Beat the Clock at Hickory

by Devin Jones Racing
on 28 June, 2012

Devin Jones Races to Beat the Clock at Hickory

After breaking his #35 VeriStor Ford into the top five in UARA-STARS points following a challenging run at Newport Speedway, Devin Jones was ready with one of the fastest cars at Hickory Motor Speedway for the UARA-STARS round 7 Banjo Matthews Memorial 150.

But other challenges were in store for team DJR as they found themselves racing instead against the clock to repair motor issues before qualifying and during the race. Even so, Devin Jones proved he had a winning car, despite the fact that events of the night didn’t give him the position to benefit from it.

“We’ve always been solid at Hickory,” said Jones. “It’s a historic track where we have had a lot of laps. So we were very confident when we set out for Friday practice. We turned some fast laps and decided we were ready for race day.”

But when Saturday came around, the powers that be had other surprises in store. After a quick five lap practice session where Jones turned in the third fastest time, the motor seized up going into turn one. Jones adeptly spun the car to the left, missing any wall contact that might have ended their day for sure. After help back to the pits, a quick assessment showed that a cam shaft in the #35 VeriStor Ford’s motor had broken, making the motor impossible to run.

“Our guys acted fast, working hard to switch out the motor in time for qualifying,” said Jones. “It was a complete team effort. Ashby, Sandy and Ashby, our sponsors from VeriStor, event stopped off to get us a necessary oil filter as they were on their way to the track.”

With the clock ticking, the team changed the motor, but couldn’t get the motor to turn over in time to make the qualifying run. They finally figured out that a distributor problem was the cause. With that, the motor started and the #35 VeriStor Ford was ready for the start – albeit from the back of the 28 car field.

“When we started the race we were moving up quickly,” said Jones. “But only a few laps into the race a black flag came out for us because we had smoke billowing from the rear. I couldn’t have been more frustrated, because I knew what the car had. We were fast and moving through the field with ease.”

Jones rolled into the pits and literally eight quarts of oil from the motor spilled into the team’s pit spot. An oil sensor in the replaced motor had come loose. The team worked as quickly as it could to find a new one, finally replacing it and filling the motor back up with any oil they could get their hands on.

“I was ecstatic to get back on the track,” said Jones. “I knew we were down a number of laps, but that didn’t matter. After all we had gone through that day, I just wanted to show what I knew our car was capable of.”

And show it he did. Jones moved through the field, from 28th to 9th with ease. It was at that point that Jones decided he shouldn’t go much further because he didn’t want to get in the way of cars on the lead lap. He was too many laps down to put an added factor into the race for the top five. Race control confirmed his decision, asking him to move to the back of the field with about 20 laps to go.

“I know we had a car to beat,” said Jones. “But, some nights you just have other circumstances to overcome. I’m just happy that we were able to start the race and I’m very thankful for the teamwork and support of everyone in our pit. From Chase, Greg and Stan from Chase Pistone Inc., Wayne, as well as everyone that was there from VeriStor. It was a total team effort that I’m proud to be a part of.”

Devin Jones Racing will race next at the UARA-STARS eighth race at Newport Speedway on July 14, 2012. 




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