Devin Jones Recap from UARA Round 13

by Devin Jones Racing
on 25 September, 2012

Jones Achieves Top 10 Finish at Lonesome Pine

Devin Jones Racing arrived at Lonesome Pine Speedway last weekend ready with his #35 VeriStor Ford for round 13 of the UARA-STARS series.

“When we rolled into Lonesome Pine Speedway we thought, ‘Wow, what a beautiful place for a race track,’” said Jones. “It’s nestled right in the Virginia hills in a place you’d never expect to see a track.”

For the Devin Jones Racing organization, Friday practice went like it has all season. Jones had his #35 VeriStor Ford from the fastest time to the top seven. Yet when it came to Saturday qualifying, the temperature changed about ten to 15 degrees giving them a different car to work with.

“We rolled out for qualifying and put in a seventh place time – not our typical spot,” said Jones. “We are usually in the top five so we knew we were going to have a rough time of it. The car had a big push that wasn’t there the day before in practice. Because UARA impounds cars after qualifying we couldn’t do anything to fix it before the race start. I would have to make do with what we had.”

When the race started, Jones was able to maintain in the top seven with the lead pack. Then, about half way through, it was apparent that the push was getting worse.

“I was hoping that the second groove would establish itself because it would have helped with my push,” said Jones. “Danny O'Quinn and I moved into the second groove, but the line never materialized, so we had to move back down to the bottom.”

“After that, I used all the tools I could inside the car to try to alleviate the push, the break bias and the break fans. It helped a little, but it became obvious that it would be a dog fight to stay within the top ten. I drove that thing as hard as I could the way it was,” said Jones.

Jones would finish out the night in the 10th spot.

“Even though this wasn’t the result we wanted, we had to do what we could to stay in the top ten,” said Jones. “You are not always going to have the car you want, but that’s what makes a race car driver a driver. Sometimes you just have to do what you can with what you have.”

Devin Jones Racing will race next at the UARA-STARS 14th race at Anderson Motor Speedway on October 6, 2012. 

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