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Data and Video
Full Data acquisition, (AIM, Motec, ect.) after each on track session. Deep dives into throttle traces, steering angle, G-load, brake pressure, ect. Overlay data and relate it back to onboard video review. Make notes with track map and always have goals and areas to work on to improve for the next session.
In-car Support Co-Driver

Right seat riding and driving can be provided. I am willing to ride along and give real time feedback over radio to you while on track. Data laps can also be provided by myself as a driver to overlay lap times in the data throughout the day. If a certain race requires multiple drivers, whether it’s club or pro level, I am always willing to be a driver for any amount of time, during any time of the day/night in any conditions! Feedback and instruction can also be provided for faster/safer more efficient driver changes

Spotting & Trackside Support

Race weekend’s can be very stressful with a lot going on. I can take care of the driver’s needs, water, nutrition, fitness plans, event registration and scheduling. Overall knowledge and advice for how to handle a race weekend. 

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Online Video Review & Track Notes

Review of onboard video and data can be a valuable resource to pin-point mistakes and areas to improve. In-depth turn-by-turn track notes can be provided to provided for any racetrack. These notes contain information that help improve lap times.    .

Onboard Videos
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